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From: Mike Clark
Subject: Fucking the Fat Dick Down the StreetFUCKING THE FAT DICK DOWN THE STREET
by Mike Clark ( is a work of fiction. It contains scenes of sex between males. It is
not intended for minors. It was written by an adult and is intended for
adults.Please feel free to send me comments or suggestions! I love to hear from
readers!I decided to go out for a morning walk. It was already pretty hot, so I
dressed light. I was just wearing a simple tight white button-down, a
short pair of cutoff jean shorts, and sneakers. The news said it was 85
degrees out and it was only 9:30. It was expected to hit the upper 90s by
noon. I don't mind heat waves - I actually like the extremely hot weather
we have where I live. I love seeing sweaty guys...sweat turns me on. I
also love to get all hot and sweaty myself, which is why I went for the
walk in the first place.I trekked around through the suburban streets of my neighborhood. A few
people were out doing any number of Sunday morning errands or heading to
church, but many seemed to be staying inside their air-conditioned homes
and avoiding the heat.I was walking down Carter shy lolita bbs toplist St. when I spotted a guy doing some yardwork in
his front yard. It was a big yard for what looked like a small house. The
guy was wearing a pair of athletic shorts and that was it. His shirt was
thrown haphazardly in the grass beside him and, from the looks of it, he
wasn't wearing underwear. He was bent over pulling weeds from his garden
and I could see no visible underwear line on his ass. I slowed preteen models lolitas kds down my
pace a bit.He was an older guy - probably in his 40s. He was big, too. Not fat, but
big and stocky. He had a slight gut and was very hairy. Nearly his entire
body was covered in manly hair and he even had a nice moustache. I put him
at about 6'0" and a solid 280. He had gray hair but he didn't look like a
grandfather or anything. I like men like that. I'm kind of a twink. I'm
only 19, and I'm about 5'5", 115, with shaggy blonde hair and a nice cute
bubble butt. I work out a lot, so I'm toned despite being thin.I'm not sure if he noticed me immediately, but he did look up at me, then
back down at his weeds, and then up at me again. Was he interested? Well,
I figured I'd never know unless I gave it a shot. I stopped and turned to
face him."Hot out today, isn't it?" I said."Sure is. Very hot.""You look like you're really hot. Been out here long?" I hoped I wasn't
too obvious."About an hour or so - and you look pretty hot yourself."Was he hitting on me? Could it be this easy? I had just had an incredible
fuck two nights before - I'd been seeing this guy who would call me over to
dance for him. He was into lapdances and stripping. Finally he got the
courage to fuck me. He'd never fucked a guy before, but he fucked me
pretty damn good all the same. So, I was so surprised to find what could
be an incredibly sexy fuckbud right in my own neighborhood."Thanks," I said, "it is hot out here, but I like the hot weather.""Yea - I need to get this yardwork done, but sometimes I can't stay out too
long. I have to go inside every now and again and take a break from the
heat.""I hear you. I could use a break from the heat myself." Okay, that was
very obvious, but I felt like he was being just as forward. And I could
have been imagining it but I swore that his bulge was quivering and growing
a little."I was just about to head inside and get a drink - want one?" He was
pointing into his house and he had a huge grin on his face."Sure!"He stuck out his hand. "Name's Ken.""I'm Mikey. Glad to meet you," I said as I shook his hand. He turned and
I followed him into his house. I shouldn't be so lucky, I thought.We walked inside, and it was hot as hell."Don't you have A/C?" I asked."Yes, but it's been broken for the past few days.""Good.""Good?""Yes, good." I said as I walked closer to him. There was no mistaking now
- I was putting myself out there - I was sure that he wanted me.I noticed he had pictures of himself and a woman all about the house."You're married?" I asked him."Yes. She's at church right now.""Does she know?""Does she know what?"I grabbed his shorts. His cock was not fully erect, but it was getting
there. "Does she know you like to fuck boys like me?""No, she doesn't."And with that answer he pulled me to him and kissed me. I opened my mouth
wide to accept his tongue. It glided over my lips and danced inside my
mouth. We swapped spit for a bit and then he pushed my head into his
chest. I was as high as his magnificently hairy chest and I started
sucking and biting on his nipples. He had such a fucking hot chest. And,
to top it off, he was slick with sweat.I ripped off my clothes and went back to work on his nipples. He was
rubbing his hands through my hair and all over my body. I was filled with
lust. I got down on my knees and yanked his shorts down to his feet. His
cock popped out - instantly I knew I would be visiting this guy again. His
cock was at least 9 inches long and extremely fat. The head looked so huge
and bulbous dangling on the end of his thick shaft. It looked like the
size of a large cucumber to me, and it was so sweaty."Your wife must not be doing her job," I said."No, she's a fucking lousy wife - we never have sex anymore"I didn't need to hear the rest of the story. I pulled his dick up and
looked at his balls. They were enormous and very low-hanging. They
dangled between his hairy, sweaty legs and were covered in his gray hairs.
I knelt forward and placed one gently into my mouth and massaged it with my
tongue and lips. His ball sweat tasted delicious. I then started licking
the shaft - savoring the taste of his sweat all over his hard cock. As I
put the head into my mouth he started moaning - he must not have been blown
in a while. I index of lolita jpg sucked and sucked and sucked that glorious fat cock. I
couldn't get it completely down my throat but that doesn't mean I didn't
try. I was giving him the best head I'd ever given anyone in my life - or
at least that's how hot I felt. I had my hands wrapped around his ass as
my head bobbed up and down on that huge cock."Fuck, suck cock so well."I let go of his cock and quickly turned around on all fours. I raised my
ass in the air."Fuck me, big boy - give me that fat cock up my ass.""You want it bareback?""I trust you. You're married, after all.""You got it."He got down on his knees and moved behind me. I couldn't wait. I was
nudging backwards trying to feel where his cock was. We certainly didn't
need any lube - his cock was dripping with my spit and we were sweaty as
pigs.He grabbed my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. My ass has taken some
poundings in its day, but my real passion is riding cock. Still, I wanted
to feel this big man shove his fat cock into me. lolita teen movie gallery
I felt the engorged head
at my hole. I almost screamed in lust. He didn't waste any time. He slid
it into my ass slowly but with force. He was going to give me his whole
cock.He pushed lolitas models in bikini his entire cock into my asshole and started rubbing my ass and my
back. I was loving every second of it. He hadn't even preteen models lolitas kds
started fucking me
yet. I started to move back and forth, feeling that giant fat cock filling
me up. He got the idea, and started fucking me slow, deep, and hard. He
was a talented fucker...I couldn't wait until I could get the chance to
fuck him again!He grabbed my shaggy hair and pulled my head back. I moaned loudly as he
started to pound my little bubble butt. He was fucking me with full force
and with every inch of his fat nine-inch cock. I was practically
screaming. Then I told him to stop.He pulled out nude teen lolita underage
and I pushed him onto the floor. I crawled on top of his big
belly and sat down facing him. My hands were on his chest as I lowered my
gaping hole onto his fat cock again. It slid inside me with no effort preteen models lolitas kds at
all - and now I could watch him as I pleasured him. I started to rock my
hips back and forth. My twink cock was rock hard and pointing straight up
in the air. He started teasing it with his hand as his other hand was
massaging my ass. I continued to rock myself on his giant cock and rubbed
my hands all over his hairy sweaty chest. I touched his lips and he licked
my fingers. I grabbed his finger and sucked on it like I had his cock."Now I'm going to make you cum in my sweaty ass," I said as I turned
around. Now he could watch his cock penetrating my asshole. I was still
on my knees riding his cock like a good cowboy and loving the sound of his
moans and grunts as I fucked that thick, fat cock. I started rocking
again, back and forth on him and then started pumping up and down."I love seeing my cock go in and out of your boypussy," he said as he
rubbed my ass cheeks.I started fucking harder and harder - jumping up and down on his cock and
nearly screaming because it was so big and hard and thick.He started to grip me tighter and I could tell he was going to shoot. He
let out a yell and grabbed my sides as he shot his cum load into my ass. I
stopped pumping up and down and started rocking again - back and forth as
he unloaded in my asshole. He was going wild and I started cumming too. I
shot my cum across the floor in between his hairy legs. Finally he forbidden lolita picture links stopped
twitching and gyrating and I knew he was done. He had shot a huge load of
cum in my ass and it felt so hot and creamy inside me.I slowly lifted myself off and let my cum drip out onto his cock. Then I
turned around and slurped that cum off his sexy, sweaty cock and balls
until they were clean. I moved up to his face and kissed him passionately."Let's do this again, okay?" I said with a wry smile on my face."Anytime you sexy little thing. Anytime, and anywhere.""Careful what you wish for there, stud! I just may take you up on that
offer."And there were plenty more stories to come.
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